Nutri-Plus++ is a complete all-in-one multiple vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid, and blood-building supplement.  It contains 100% of the suggested amount of Vitamin E (20,000 I.U.) and Selenium (36 mg per lb) for a stand-alone product. 

The Nutri-Plus++ electrolyte formula includes also 5% potassium, up to 50% more than is found in other electrolyte supplements. 

Potassium, one of the most important minerals in electrolytes, is essential and needs to be replaced in any performance horse who experiences sweat loss.
 Nutri-Plus++ is the complete vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid and blood-building supplement of choice and is made from human-grade nutriceuticals to assure the highest quality and effectiveness.

Why is Nutri-Plus++ different from all the others?

- Rich in blood building nutrients such as folic acid, iron & copper
- Rich in essential amino acids such as dl-methionine, l-lysine & l-threonine
- Rich in vitamin e (in form of dl-alpha-tocopheryl), selenium & biotin
- Rich in vitamin c (12,000 mg per lb) strengthens the immune system

Feeding Instructions

Feed two (2) ounces daily for performing horses.  However, one (1) ounce is sufficient for horses not in full training.  A measuring scoop is provided. Total cost per horse = $22.95 per month or 76 cents a day when purchasing a 25 lb pail. 


       5 lb pail - $ 49.95
      (plus $ 18.50 s&h)

25 lb pail - $ 172.95
      (plus $ 28.95 s&h)


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Minimum Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (min)18.00 %
Fat (min)2.5 %
Fiber (max)5.00 %
Vitamin A500,000 IU62,500 IUPhosphorus0.8800 %500 mg
Vitamin D25,000 IU3.125 IUIodine (I)0.0011 %0.625 mg
Vitamin E16,000 IU2000 IUIron (Fe)1.0950 %600 mg
Vitamin K75 mg9.375 mgCopper (Cu)0.2650 %150 mg
Vitamin C12,000 mg1,500 mgManganese (Mn)0.5295 %300 mg
Folic Acid600 mg75 mgZinc (Zn)0.5295 %300 mg
Thiamine800 mg100 mgSelenium (Se)0.00353 %2 mg
Riboflavin650 mg81 mgCobalt (Co)0.0011 %0.625 mg
Niacin450 mg56 mgELECTROLYTES
Pyridoxine1,100 mg137 mgCalcium (Ca) - min.4.0 %2,267.6 mg
Vitamin B-123.500 mcg.437 mcg.Calcium (Ca) - max.5.0 %2,834 mg
Pantothenic Acid400 mg50 mgMagnesium (Mg)2.0 %1,134 mg
d-Biotin32 mg4 mgPotassium (K)5.0 %3,401 mg
Choline1,600 mg200 mgSodium Chloride (NaCl)5.0 %2.834 mg
DL-Methionine3.09 %1,750 mg
L-Lysine6.20 %3,515 mg
L-Threonine2.20 %1,250 mg